After raising the biggest Series A round in Aussie Fintech history, Airwallex is getting some serious global attention. For the leadership group, that comes with a lot of flying. Flying for speaking engagements at events like Money 20/20, flying to meet central banks and government agencies, or flying to open new office locations. In my past life as a suit, there was also a bit of flying, but back then we didn’t have VC’s who rightly expect us to cover those legs in cattle-class.

With nearly 100 flights knocked over in ten months, I wanted to share my Start-up guide on how you can come out of economy fresh on the other side.

Practicality over style:

We have all been there. Unloading your gear into those buckets in a rush to make your flight. As with most people trying to barrel through security, you are going to dump all your stuff into the tray. Then on the other side you messily pile it back into your bag. But wait, you need your passport now for the Customs Official! Queue the rifling through your bag like Shapelle on a surf trip… Wear a sports jacket/blazer for the simple fact that they have many pockets. Unload all your essentials in the tray and pocket those essentials for what’s next.

Beached as bro:

We are used to humidity levels between 40-70%. In an airline you are generally sitting at 20%. To combat flaking out, I always take a clear sleeve of toiletries in my seat pocket for anything over 7-8 hours. Every few hours, even if you don’t necessarily need it, I recommend applying the following:
Sanitise those hands.
Knock back a throat lozenger.
Apply some lip balm.

Bright city lights and loud noises:

Often we are straight off on the other side and back into the thick of it. Sometimes that means getting sleep whenever you can. Sometimes that’s not easy, but these items can make all the difference:
Eye-masks are essential. Most decent airlines will have a stash so ask before take-off.
Noise Cancelling Headphones: Probably the most important item on this list. Screaming children, droning engines, clattering food convoys. Not only will you sleep better, but you won’t come out the other side with a raging headache.
The Window Seat Wins- the window is the best seat for a snooze. Grab an extra few pillows/blankets and build your fort.
No Booze, tea of coffee. Toilet breaks should be minimised and the latter two are diuretics. Stick to water and sparkling water.
Don’t be that guy/girl- remember that the armrests are owned by the middle seat so don’t be that guy/girl fighting for space.