This week, fintech investment soars, celebrities endorse fintechs, and Canadian banks get Sirious.

Like a Rolling Stone

Global fintech investment has made an epic comeback this past quarter, according to KMPG’s ‘Pulse of Fintech’ report. April and June saw fintech companies gettin’ some satisfaction, with US$7.1bn pumped into the sector, and Europe leading the way rolling in nearly US$2bn. Read More

Fintech reaches for the stars

Blockchain startup Abra have elected Gwyneth Paltrow as their business advisor. The payment app sought out the actress, known for ridiculous statements such as ‘"I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can", due to her success with Goop, her multi-million dollar online marketplace.Read more

Oxford takes a punt at fintech

Oxford University have started up a virtual fintech course. Aimed at executives to prepare them for a future where fintech will be a part of everyday life, online course will focus on money, markets, marketplaces and infrastructure, as well as looking into bitcoin, AI and the structure of financial institutions. Read More

The Royal Bank of Canada can smell what the Rock is Cooking

It’s not only The Rock who’s been promoting Siri of late. The Royal Bank of Canada is now letting customers pay bills through the Apple voiceover app.Read More

Be careful not to fall out of your Uber...

Your driver will have to pay for it. After such huge developments in fintech and cyber security, there’s been a call by the FT for a more niche approach to insurance. Read more