This week, AliPay ruffles bank feathers, America's top fintechs are revealed, and fintechs look to partnerships.

Yuan better watch out, cash

Banks and fintechs have come to blows again, as China’s biggest bank got in a tizzy this week following the latest antics of AliPay. The payments platform has been pushing cash-free living to their customers, resulting in a flurry of concerned statements from the People’s Bank of China about the Yuan currency decreasing in value. Read More

There’s no smoke without Firestartr

UK fintech Railsbank has just raised $1.2M from a number of prominent investors in finance and tech, lead by seed investment firm Firestartr. The new fintech, which was fired up by Currency Cloud founder Nigel Verdon, is set to streamline setup for companies, providing them fast and easy access to compliance and a network of partner banks.
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Just like an English footie player...

Directors need to keep up. With fintech hitting the mainstream, being adopted by Westpac and the Commonwealth bank, regulators need to adapt and accommodate the new risks.
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Howdy, fintech partner

A new report by PwC has revealed what 1,308 financial services and fintech big wigs worldwide think about recent developments in fintech. The study demonstrated the shift from disruption to partnerships, with most companies looking to buddy up with competing financial institutions rather than take them down.
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Wanna know the 10 biggest fintechs in the US?

Check out this list.Read More

EY baby!

This week Joe and Jasmine headed down to the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards, and took this cheeky pic. While they didn't collect an award, they're still stars in our EYes.